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IVC Speech and Debate Team

Speech and Debate Team

Welcome to the IVC Speech and Debate Team fundraising page! The 2015 Community College National Champions for the National Parliamentary Debate Association (fourth year in a row).

The team has an incredible year planned, including:

  • Hosting the Phi Rho Pi National Championships.
  • A debate tour of China where our students will have a unique international experience.
  • In addition to learning about another culture, they will participate in debates as they travel through the country.
  • Hosting both the British and Chinese National Debate Teams on the IVC Campus.
  • Encourage donations to help with tournament expenses throughout the 2015-2016 season to support the biggest team we've ever had!

All of these are fantastic opportunities for our team, but they are not going to be possible without your support. Every one of these experiences is key to the growth of our students, but for some, they are not possible due to the cost. Please consider making a contribution to enable our team to compete and grow together.


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