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Welcome to the ELEVATE AAPI @ IVC fundraising page!  ELEVATE AAPI @ IVC is one of the college’s premier culturally infused academic supportive programs on campus.  Irvine Valley College is federally recognized as an award winning Minority Serving Institution. IVC is classified as an AANAPISI, Asian American & Pacific Islander Serving Institution.   2019-20 is the fifth year of ELEVATE’s existence providing equitable learning experiences valuing achievement, transfer, and empowering any and all parties interested especially our Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders student population.

ELEVATE has robust offerings open to all students such as:

  • A first-year experience and mentorship program with EMC: ELEVATE Mentored Connection.
  • A volunteer and leadership development program with CAPITAL, Cultivating Asian Pacific Islanders to Advocate and Lead.
  • Community project-based learning opportunities and cultural events like participating in the Irvine Global Village and hosting the PINOY PIYESTA during the fall semester, and ELEVATION during the spring term.
  • Student scholarships through partnerships with ASIVC and the national organization APIA (Asian Pacific Islander American) Scholars.
  • Attendance at academic and leadership conferences including the annual conference with APAHE, Asian Pacific Americans in Higher Education, and an annual interpretive theater competition at ARTa, American Readers Theater Association.

All of these items are fantastic opportunities for our students, but they will not be possible without your support. Every one of these experiences is key to the growth of our students, but for some, they are not possible due to the cost. Please consider making a contribution to ELEVATE AAPI @ IVC as we take pride in serving our students with an educational experience that goes above and beyond the classroom. 

To learn more, visit our pages: ELEVATE AAPI @ IVC, Facebook Link, Instagram Link.

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