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Every gift contributed to a scholarship or program will receive matching funds from the PRO IVC pool which the IVC Foundation Board of Governors approved this year's matching funds of $50,000 to award! All gifts that come into the foundation between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 will be matched. We are also going to keep things fun by giving you the opportunity to win extra funds through challenges and contests!

If you have any questions about PRO IVC, please contact the foundation at 949-451-5290.

January/February Contest

We have TWO exciting opportunities for individuals and groups to participate throughout January and February that will help us prepare for the annual Foundation Awards Dinner (FAD)
on March 9th!

New Sponsorships

Provide the foundation with information for a potential new sponsor (think of those individuals, companies and groups you interact with).

IF they sponsor the FAD at $1,000 or more, your foundation account of choice will receive $150 OR one ticket to the 2019 Foundation Awards Dinner.

More information about sponsorship opportunities here and special sponsorship opportunities here

Silent Auction Items

Received some gifts from this holiday (or holidays past) you aren’t thrilled about? BRING THEM TO THE FOUNDATION OFFICE!

For each silent auction item we receive valued at $50 or more (gift cards to restaurants, alcohol, gift baskets, etc.),the name of the donating individual or group will placed in a drawing every Friday at 3pm beginning January 11th and ending March 1st.

The lucky winners will choose between $150 to the foundation account of their choice OR one ticket to the 2019 Foundation Awards Dinner!

Congratulations to Our Winners

Fall 2018 Givalanche of Good Contest:

  • THE HIGHEST NUMBER of Givalanche donations: Oscar Alano
  • The FOUNDATION ACCOUNT that received THE HIGHEST NUMBER of Givalanche donations:
    The Nicole JOY Ledina Memorial Scholarship
  • Honorable Mention: IVC Classified Senate
  • Honorable Mention: Honors Program

Silent Auction Donations:

  • Nathan Quach (January 11)
  • Joanne Chen (January 18)

Please keep an eye out for contest information in various forms including individual emails, IVC Happenings, and on our website:

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