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Every gift contributed to a scholarship or program will receive matching funds from the PRO IVC pool which the IVC Foundation Board of Governors approved this year's matching funds of $50,000 to award! All gifts that come into the foundation between July 1, 2018 and June 30, 2019 will be matched. We are also going to keep things fun by giving you the opportunity to win extra funds through challenges and contests!

If you have any questions about PRO IVC, please contact the foundation at 949-451-5290.

Monthly Contest

We are taking a break in March to concentrate on our Foundation Awards Dinner on March 9th. Stay tuned for our April Contest! 

Congratulations to Our Winners

Silent Auction Donations:

  • Joanne Chen
  • Jeanne Egasse 
  • Linda Fontanilla
  • Nathan Quach 
  • Virginia Shank

Silent Auction Donations:

  • Anna Petrossian
  • Beatrice Tseng 

Please keep an eye out for contest information in various forms including individual emails, IVC Happenings, and on our website:

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